• #249210339
    Traditional houses beside a canal in Leiden, the Netherlands
  • #218169602
    Panorama of the St. Nicolas Church in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • #223113728
    Annecy old town cityscape and Thiou river view and bridge
  • #251460196
    Morning in the Copenhagen Canal Nyhavn
  • #219518351
    Suzhou ancient town night view
  • #200685379
    Bruges, Belgium. Medieval ancient houses made of old bricks
  • #109272621
    Church and ancient sailboats on Canal Port
  • #201597127
    Sunset view of brick buildings alongside a water channel in the central Birmingham, England
  • #271902664
    Gondolier carries tourists on gondola near Rialto Bridge - Venice, Italy
  • #263782017
    Night view of Leidsegracht bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • #179835978
    Naviglio Grande canal at sunset in Milan, Lombardia, Italy
  • #265120827
    Amsterdam at night, Netherlands
  • #212516400
    Town of Colmar
  • #211858674
    Canal view in a Dutch city with an old defence wall and tower just after rainfall
  • #210747597
    Spiegelrei canal at sunrise, Brugge, Flanders, Belgium
  • #84638007
    Quai de l'Ile and canal in Annecy old city, France, HDR
  • #230198004
    Historical brick houses in Bruges medieval Old Town, Belgium
  • #212598926
    .Medieval castle on the canal in the French city of Annecy resort. Department of Upper Savoy. France.
  • #50130675
    Small canal among old houses. Venice, Italy.
  • #228155076
    Aerial view of Annecy lake waterfront low tide level due to the drought in France
  • #215602173
    Bruges, Belgium
  • #274627354
    Church of St Nicholas, Amsterdam, Holland
  • #206911549
    Canal and tower of church in old town of Bolsward, Friesland, Netherlands
  • #92058821
    Scenic view of the Rio Terra Secondo Canal in Venice, Italy
  • #244488937
    Sunrise over St Giorgio Maggiore and Birds over the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
  • #226450516
    Canal in Bruges, Belgium
  • #164484546
    View on the Konigsallee boulevard with water canal in Dusseldorf, Germany. Long exposure image technic
  • #267851609
    windmill de Adriaan in Haarlem, Netherlands
  • #216977849
    River, canals and traditional old houses Amsterdam
  • #261711068
    Amsterdam Netherlands dancing houses over river Amstel landmark in old european city spring landscape.
  • #213708817
    Scenic city view of Bruges canal with beautiful medieval colored houses, bridge and reflections in the evening gold hour, Belgium
  • #263389484
    Nyhavn area of popular bar and restaurant at beautiful blue sky, with colorful facades of old houses and old ships in the Old Town of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.
  • #269966384
    Beautiful aerial view of Copenhagen skyline from above, Nyhavn historical pier port and canal with color buildings and boats in the old town of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • #241795520
    Traditional gondola on narrow canal in Venice, Italy
  • #136275553
    Channel in Leiden, Netherlands
  • #249736985
    Dubai, UAE - Feb 15, 2019: Tourist boats abra on canal Dubai Creek and old town.
  • #119782029
    Old town of Ghent, Belgium
  • #97635189
    Ancient city center of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • #141484417
    Historic town of Colmar, Alsace region, France
  • #228155108
    Aerial view of Annecy lake waterfront in France
  • #165656575
    Beautiful sunset at one of nine little streets in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • #252952164
    Basilica Santa Maria della Salute in Venice
  • #277327212
    Speicherstadt panorama in Hamburg, Germany
  • #258197986
    Medieval city gate as entrance over a flowing river; eem, in Amersfoort holland
  • #187229896
    Venice cityscape, water canal, campanile church and traditional buildings. Italy
  • #209952310
    Traditional houses on the Oudegracht (Old Canal) in center of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • #220438307
    Gondel fährt auf den Kanälen mit Restaurants und Bars der Wasserstadt Zhouzhuang in China, bei Shanghai
  • #267847496
    Sunset view a canal in Leiden, Netherlands
  • #131935419
    boats on Italian Canal Port
  • #73152920
    Double arc bridge across canal in the center of Utrecht