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    Homemade breaded viennese schnitzel with potato salad and asparagus on a plate
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    Fried dumplings stuffed with cabbage and meat sprinkled with bacon greaves and chopped parsley on a white plate on a wooden rustic table.
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    Smażone pierogi na drewnie
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    Dinner with salad and chicken served in summer garden
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    Irish stew made with beef, potatoes, carrots and herbs
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    Delicious traditional german cuisine
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    Traditional British roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner
  • #179898043
    Swedish Meatballs
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    Polish national stew dish flaczki with vegetables in tomato sauce close-up in a bowl. Horizontal
  • #243284980
    Braised cabbage with meat and smoked sausage. Traditional Polish and Lithuanian dishes.
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    Family apres ski lunch in mountains. Skiing fun.
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    Assorted spanish food set. Tapas, Paella, grilled seafood, olives, seafood soup, strawberry lemonade, grilled scallop on wooden table
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    Homemade Dumplings
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    pierogi z kapustą i mięsem
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    Fried chicken liver with apples, sweet pepper and onions with mashed potatoes as close-up in a bowl on wooden table. Top view. Flat lay.
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    Cabbage stew with meat, mushrooms and dried plums - traditional polish dish
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    Red apple with leaf and slice.
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    Homemade Breaded German Weiner Schnitzel
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    Greek food set
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    Original Wiener Schnitzel mit Petersielienkartoffel
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    Coffee cup and beans
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    Cold borsch, summer beet soup with fresh cucumber, radish and boiled egg in white bowl. Traditional European food, delicious lunch
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    Meatballs served with boiled potatoes.
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    Greek gyros dish with french fries and vegetables
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    Hollandaise sauce, a basic sauce of the French cuisine, ingredients (egg, butter, lemon) in the back, photographed with natural light (Selective Focus in middle of the image)
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    Romantic dinner at a restaurant. Appetizing dishes with meat and lettuce leaves and glasses with wine
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    Wiener Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat
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    Christmas dumplings stuffed with mushroom and cabbage on a white plate. Traditional Cristmas eve dish in Poland
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    Dumplings in the pot
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    Danish smorrebrod traditional open sandwich at Copenhagen food market store. Selection of fish sandwiches on display with seafood and meat, smoked salmon.
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    schnitzel and fried potatoes
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    Kebab / Kebab mit Bauernsalat und Fadenbrot
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    Smażone pierogi na drewnie
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    Fresh beef stew pie on a cutting board
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    Festive German full dinner Sauerbraten - beef stew with gravy served with potato dumplings and red cabbage close-up. horizontal top view
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    Gulyas stew boiling in a cauldron
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    Banana fruits on over white.
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    Homemade greek tzatziki sauce in a glass bowl with ingredients and sliced bread on a dark black stone background. Cucumber, lemon, dill, garlic. Close-up, horizontal, selective focus on a bowl
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    tapenade sur fond noir 4
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    Traditional jambalaya.
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    Colorful Seafood Paella Dish with Shellfish
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    Potato noodles - dumplings on wooden background
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    Tasty roulades beef on plate.
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    pork schnitzel and fried potatoes
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    Coffee cup and coffee beans on old wooden background
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    cous cous salat mit hähnchen spießen