• #164976200
    Fresh tea bud and leaves
  • #160967934
    cannabis leaf
  • #208472143
    Tropical leaves foliage plant jungle bush floral arrangement nature backdrop isolated on white background, clipping path included.
  • #142001247
    green foliage texture
  • #168182945
    Hemp plant on a meadow in morning light, in a fog haze. Cannabis leaf
  • #196327999
    Transparent skeleton leaf with beautiful texture on a blue and pink background, glass with shiny water drops close-up macro . Bright expressive artistic image nature, free space.
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  • #176560000
    various tropical leaves
  • #230135827
    Green leaf of plantain.
  • #168553653
    Close up Young plant growing over green background
  • #162465260
    Large beautiful drops of transparent rain water on a green leaf macro. Drops of dew in the morning glow in the sun. Beautiful leaf texture in nature. Natural background.
  • #140667942
    Green leaves of Monstera plant growing in wild, the tropical forest plant, evergreen vine on black background.
  • #167880997
    gräser, grashalme, wiese vor weißem hintergrund
  • #195571693
    green bush isolated on white background.
  • #174015971
    Beautiful tropical banana leaf texture background
  • #243131088
    Fresh branch with green leaves
  • #168235737
    marijuana background at sunset. bush cannabis.
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    Fresh green leaves branch
  • #203081650
    Two hands of the men were holding seedling to be planted.
  • #173962695
    green leaves of palm tree
  • #202215528
    Tropical green leaves on white background
  • #223318957
    Green leaves nature frame border of devil's ivy or golden pothos the tropical foliage plant on white background.
  • #163677353
    Palmenblätter, palme freigestellt vor weißem hintergrund
  • #214302632
    set of lemon green leaf isolated on white background
  • #143030631
    Green fresh hop cones for making beer, closeup
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    plant growing
  • #175205583
    aloe vera juice in glass on stone background
  • #206616551
    Monstera, fern, and palm leaves tropical foliage plant bush nature backdrop on black background.
  • #166857506
    Tropical trees arranged in full background Or full wall There are leaves in different sizes, different colors, various sizes, many varieties. Another garden layout.
  • #211565095
    Green leaves of native Monstera (Epipremnum pinnatum) liana plant growing in wild climbing on jungle tree, tropical forest plant evergreen vines bush isolated on white background with clipping path.
  • #164997170
    Aloe Succulent Plant
  • #193675777
    Aloe Vera closeup. Sliced Aloevera natural organic renewal cosmetics, alternative medicine. Organic skincare concept. On white wooden background
  • #228784551
    plant isolated on white background with clipping path
  • #219240241
    agave leaves in trendy pastel colors for design backgrounds
  • #212132552
    Row of bouquets of white and lilac and purple lilacs on a white background.
  • #162149784
    Heracleum sosnowsky - Herbaceous species - a dangerous, invasive plant
  • #163504762
    Marijuana leaf on white background
  • #216484025
    Bush grape or three-leaved wild vine cayratia (Cayratia trifolia) liana ivy plant bush, nature frame jungle border isolated on white background, clipping path included.
  • #218156190
    Field of medical cannabis.
  • #163668765
    Grass field in sunny morning
  • #203081481
    two hands holding and caring a young green plant with warm sunlight
  • #145327556
    Aloe vera plant isolated on white.
  • #192946388
    Collection of various cactus and succulent plants in different pots. Potted cactus house plants on white shelf against white wall.
  • #221837514
    Reynutriya Bohemian or japonica, sachalinensis. Isolated on white.
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  • #155680107
    Heart shaped green yellow leaves of devil's ivy or golden pothos, panoramic top view bush isolated on white background, clipping path included.
  • #159478512
    Tree branch on rustic wood background
  • #176559987
    various tropical leaves
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    St. John's wort / top view on dried and fresh, flowering St. John's wort on a wooden background
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    Twins young plant growing on the ground in the rain