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    Amsterdam Netherlands dancing houses over river Amstel landmark in old european city spring landscape.
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    Suzhou ancient town night view
  • #218169602
    Panorama of the St. Nicolas Church in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • #223113728
    Annecy old town cityscape and Thiou river view and bridge
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    Church and ancient sailboats on Canal Port
  • #275694859
    View of Graslei, Korenlei quays and Leie river in the historic city center in Ghent (Gent), Belgium. Architecture and landmark of Ghent. Cityscape of Ghent.
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    Town of Colmar
  • #256006730
    Utrecht two-level canals in summer, Netherlands
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    rialto bridge in venice - italy
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    Canal view in a Dutch city with an old defence wall and tower just after rainfall
  • #263974420
    Amsterdam cityscape with Grand Amarath hotel. City streets with active tram and car traffic along the canal. Panoramic distance view.
  • #228155076
    Aerial view of Annecy lake waterfront low tide level due to the drought in France
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    View on the Konigsallee boulevard with water canal in Dusseldorf, Germany. Long exposure image technic
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    Night view of Leidsegracht bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Sunset view of brick buildings alongside a water channel in the central Birmingham, England
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    .Medieval castle on the canal in the French city of Annecy resort. Department of Upper Savoy. France.
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    Strasbourg Alsace France. Traditional half timbered houses
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    Morning in the Copenhagen Canal Nyhavn
  • #212712822
    Embankment of the Tuojiang River. Traditional Chinese buildings
  • #241795520
    Traditional gondola on narrow canal in Venice, Italy
  • #245301541
    Historical houses and boats moored in Brielle
  • #219518337
    Jiangsu Zhouzhuang Landscape
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    Citadel of Huy along the Meuse river. A fortress located in the Walloon city of Huy in the province of Liège, Ardennes, Belgium.
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    River, canals and traditional old houses Amsterdam
  • #210747597
    Spiegelrei canal at sunrise, Brugge, Flanders, Belgium
  • #272619565
    View of Graslei quay and Leie river in the historic city center in Ghent (Gent), Belgium. Architecture and landmark of Ghent. Cityscape of Ghent.
  • #200685379
    Bruges, Belgium. Medieval ancient houses made of old bricks
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    Panorama of the beautiful nature along the canal in Zwolle, Netherlands
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    old town of stade in north germany
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    Traditional houses on the Oudegracht (Old Canal) in center of Utrecht, Netherlands
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    Quai de l'Ile and canal in Annecy old city, France, HDR
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    Aerial view of Annecy lake waterfront in France
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    Traditional half-timbered houses on the canals district La Petite France in Strasbourg, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Alsace, France
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    Panorama of colorful houses at the canal in Wismar, Germany
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    View at the Petit France quarter in Strasbourg.
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    Traditional Dutch old houses on canals in Amsterdam, Netherland.
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    landscape of wuzhen in china
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    San Giorgio Maggiore church
  • #249874439
    Basilica Santa Maria della Salute in Venice
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    Church of St Nicholas over old town canal illuminated at night with snow, Amsterdam, Holland
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    Naviglio Grande canal at sunset in Milan, Lombardia, Italy
  • #219518351
    Suzhou ancient town night view
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    The Nikolaifleet, a canal in the old town (Altstadt) of Hamburg, Germany. It is considered one of the oldest parts of the Port of Hamburg.
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    Old town of Ghent, Belgium
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    Channel in Leiden, Netherlands
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    Classic view of the historic city center of Bruges (Brugge), West Flanders province, Belgium. Cityscape of Bruges.
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    Bruges, Belgium
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    Old white bridge over a canal in the Netherlands
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    old town of stade in north germany
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    Side view Speeding fishing motor boat with drops of water. Blue ocean sea water wave reflections at the sunset. Motor boat in the blue ocean. Ocean yacht. Sunset at the sailboat deck