• #194226326
    Green birch leaves branches, green, bokeh background. Nature spring background.
  • #210893702
    Green birch buds and leaves isolated on white background
  • #171079288
    Spring trunks of birch trees black and white
  • #221375205
    mushroom with the Latin name Inonotus obliquus grew on birch
  • #189513828
    Spring bright natural background with fresh birch leaves
  • #206259493
    Baobab tree in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. its enormous size. on blue sky.
  • #86456440
    Traditional Finnish bath whisks made out of fresh birch leaves and twigs on a wet jetty by the lake on a Midsummer Eve.
  • #235701966
    Green birch buds and leaves isolated on white background
  • #97920068
    Bright birch branches in the sunlight
  • #91600145
    seamless birch trees
  • #203984155
    Green birch branch with buds isolated on white background
  • #236791046
    Birken Im Gegenlicht
  • #84156266
    Fresh Green Leaves isolated.
  • #43264231
    natural background - birch - wallpaper
  • #113645863
    twig of birch tree with green leaves and catkins
  • #193884763
    victorian engraving of the white birch plant
  • #211832972
    birch grove in the early morning, vertical composition
  • #204362987
    Young birch branch with green leaves and seeds isolated on white background
  • #138675140
    Verschiedene Birkenstämme, isoliert auf weißem hintergrund
  • #227609868
    Autumn background of bright yellow birch leaves..Juicy birch leaves in vintage style.
  • #175463029
    White old birch tree bark. Closeup
  • #151513222
    Fresh green spring background with birch tree catkins and young juicy green leaves on the branches in sunny spring summer day, close-up macro on the background of birch trunk.
  • #198006834
    Birch trees
  • #202899078
    branch of birch with earrings isolated
  • #201334760
    Spring in the birch forest
  • #85613602
    birch grove
  • #218259806
    tree trunks of birches in summer, bottom view
  • #225000780
    Production of birch sap in the glass jar in the forest. Springtime
  • #234868693
    Birch in the meadow, horizon and clouds on a blue sky
  • #244329267
  • #145216458
    Young slim thin birch trees in the spring in the forest. Branches of birch trees with young juicy leaves in the summer sun in the open air.
  • #202439527
    Young birch branch with green leaves isolated on white background
  • #201824929
    Birkenbaum Blüte,Betula Pendula
  • #201704688
    Betula Pendula Blüte im Frühling
  • #122012455
    Twigs, big set macro dry branches birch isolated on white background, with clipping path
  • #139367879
    Spring branch.
  • #113645997
    back side green leaf of birch tree isolated
  • #154286016
    Betula pubescens. Birch ear ring. Birch kidney.
  • #203882115
    Birch leaves isolated on a white background. Top view.
  • #180740452
    Leaves and twigs of the downy birch (Betula pubescens)
  • #177843865
    En skot av björkar som bildar ett fint mönster
  • #227665813
    Autumn background with birch tree branches with yellow leaves
  • #112010728
    Troncos de Abedul. Betula pubescens.
  • #234121715
    bouleaux en automne
  • #228876264
    Two birches that fell after the storm are cut into firewood
  • #231031271
  • #231010038
  • #105232273
    Spring background with branch with catkins of alder
  • #182665871
    Dry birch branch isolated on white background
  • #157301744
    Birch tree catkin twig, betula pendula ament stem, young spring leaves, isolated on white