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    Different kinds of bread and bread rolls on board from above. Kitchen or bakery
  • #134704156
    happy family funny kids bake cookies in kitchen
  • #197424004
    Sandwich with black caviar on wooden background
  • #243183646
    fish eggs caviar spoon concept
  • #217499752
    Raw eggs on white background
  • #135214241
    fried eggs on dark background with space for text
  • #174856114
    Ostrich, chicken and quail eggs on white background
  • #229118921
    Variety of types and shapes of Italian pasta
  • #229364325
    Spaghetti alla norma - traditional italian pasta with eggplants and tomato. Top view.
  • #133299197
    Roasted rack of lamb
  • #240773370
    Food tray with delicious salami, pieces of sliced prosciutto crudo, sausage and basil. Meat platter with selection
  • #222286254
    Roast chicken whole. Served on a plate with vegetables and baked potatoes.
  • #90464949
    Deftiger Südtiroler Bauernspeck am Stück und geschnitten mit Schüttelbrot
  • #182196772
    Whole Smoked Slab Bacon
  • #145461027
    Pieces of raw roast beef meat with ingredients
  • #193677860
    Raw chicken liver on cutting board.
  • #136970653
    Horizontal pineapple and round slices isolated on white backgrou
  • #217594369
    Isolated watermelons. Two watermelon varieties, red and yellow, isolated on white background with clipping path
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    juice spilling out of a lemon isolated on white
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    Fresh raspberry with leaves on wooden background
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    Blue wet grapes bunch isolated on white background
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    Isolated fruits. Fresh cut lychees isolated on white background
  • #109299881
    fresh strawberry in burlap sack on wood
  • #162295497
    salmon steak close-up isolated on white background
  • #174234665
    Plateau de fruits de mer sur un fond de planches en bois
  • #139738742
    Mussels in wine with parsley and lemon. Seafood. Clams in the shells. Delicious snack for gourmands. Selective focus
  • #178835801
    Red cooked prawn or tiger shrimp isolated on white background
  • #126340972
    octopus, tentacles of octopus isolated on white background
  • #120669914
    Buffet table of reception with burgers, cold snacks, meat and salads
  • #229557001
    Jedzenie z dostawą. Propozycje menu w cateringu z dowozem.
  • #159067656
    Delicious homemade hamburger on wooden background
  • #234155727
    Tasty and homemade hunter's stew with meat and carrots
  • #196459104
    Traditional Spanish paella with seafood and chicken.
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    Sushi Verschiedene sorten
  • #193695886
    laughing friends eating pizza and having fun. They are enjoying eating and drinking together
  • #172340651
    Bibimbap, traditional Korean dish, rice with vegetables and beef. Top view, overhead, flat lay
  • #224878759
    Tacos Carnitas
  • #92166816
    Falafel and fresh vegetables in pita bread on wooden table
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    Assorted Chinese food set. Chinese noodles, fried rice, dumplings, peking duck, dim sum, spring rolls. Famous Chinese cuisine dishes on table. Top view. Chinese restaurant concept. Asian style banquet
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    Garlic in a wooden bowl
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    various spices
  • #152959569
    Gewürze - Spices
  • #91519135
    cooked rice
  • #176848801
    Many kinds of oscypek smoked cheese at market.
  • #106616288
    Various fresh dairy products
  • #143895966
    Stück kuchen auf dunkelem hintergrund
  • #190744445
    candies with jelly and sugar. colorful array of different childs sweets and treats
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    Chocolats de Noël