• #229027519
    Egretta garzetta walking between many plastic bottles and garbage
  • #176985927
    Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)
  • #148027327
    Natural white wing plumage
  • #238988764
    Sandhills Take Flight in Indiana
  • #131430218
    flock of pigeons on a white background
  • #148027508
    Angel wings, Natural black wing plumage
  • #181721814
    Raven (Corvus corax)
  • #190361738
    Panorama of peaty meadow with White Stork
  • #226708011
    Weißstorch freigestellt (Ciconia ciconia)
  • #179824038
    Wood mouse in front of a white background
  • #142924566
    Robin (Erithacus rubecula) singing on branch. Bird in family Turdidae, with beak open in profile, making evening song in parkland in UK
  • #200238899
    Blaumeise fliegt zu einem blühenden Zweig einer Blutpflaume, um einen großen Wollschweber zu fangen, der in der Obstblüte Nektar sucht
  • #131430225
    flock of pigeons on a white background
  • #162230667
    Feathers, textural background .natural black feather with beautiful healthy shine. Natual background suitable for decoration of sites, banners
  • #129386039
    Broad Billed Hummingbird. Using different backgrounds the bird becomes more interesting and blends with the colors. These birds are native to Mexico and brighten up most gardens where flowers bloom.
  • #195463304
    Duck in flight on a white background
  • #182263285
    Fliegender Weißstorch (Ciconia ciconia)
  • #171005019
    Himalayan bluetail or Red-flanked,Orange-flanked bush-robin (Tarsiger rufilatus) lovely blue bird with yellow marking on its wings isolated on white background, fascinated nature
  • #162367874
    European Robin hovering with his wings out
  • #201423460
    Ringneck Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)
  • #224494670
    photo of isolated blue tit in flight
  • #218969975
    Schwarzstorch - Ciconia nigra
  • #191561079
    King fisher perched in a branch with colorful background
  • #210570503
    a swan with oil smeared wings
  • #136587137
    flock of pigeons on a white background
  • #198205959
    Red feather isolated on white background
  • #242991775
    Hen harrier in flight, adult male (Circus cyaneus)
  • #204881501
    Parent Robin bird feeding young
  • #180354571
    Angel wings, Natural black wing plumage isolated on white background with clipping part
  • #127952455
    Beautiful yellow canary
  • #205801712
    Blaumeise fliegt über leuchtend bunte Margeriten Blumenwiese unter einem perfekten blauen Himmel im warmen Sonnenlicht
  • #134213357
    Flying goshawk in the forest.
  • #177476718
    Ultramarine Flycatcher (Superciliaris ficedula) cute blue bird perching on top mossy stick over far blur green background in shaded sun lighting, amazing nature
  • #93950425
    Emperor Penguin Chicks
  • #125881097
    Puffin, Heimaey coast, South Iceland
  • #178907194
    Group of black crow flying on white background. Animal. Black Bird.
  • #171784252
    Hill blue flycatcher (Cyornis banyumas) beautiful tiny blue bird fully standing isolated on white background, fascinated nature
  • #131428758
    blue feather on a white background
  • #207740072
    A Seychelles Sunbird (Cinnyris dussumieri) perching on a Red Torch Ginger flower, with green background in soft focus.
  • #218090931
    sparrow standing about to drinking water
  • #189025038
    Pheasant, Phasianus colchicus
  • #173230216
    Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) hovering in flight. Composite of postions of bird scanning for prey whilst maintaining static relative to the ground
  • #215623788
    Mauersegler (Apus apus)
  • #204380888
    Loved Cardinal Feed Each Other in the Summer
  • #190156013
    Portrait of Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastus sulfuratus) perched on branch at Tropical Reserve. In Costa Rica. Wildlife bird
  • #155429721
    Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)
  • #142392001
    Common raven (Corvus corax)
  • #100010022
    fluffy white isolated curled feather
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    Aerial view of Telford's Suspension Bridge Across The Menai Starights - Wales, UK
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