• #206261840
    The view on a huge statue of red Hanuman with the raised hand in blessing gesture.
  • #186896571
    Hawaiian wreath on a wooden background.
  • #183485350
    Tender hands of an Indian bride covered with henna tattoo hold groom's hands during the Septapadi ceremony
  • #182376207
    Woman holding canang sari - offering for Gods. Balinese tradition.
  • #198393620
    Penjor - Symbol Thanks and Greatness of God view on blue sky
  • #197608113
    Arjuna´s Buße, Elefantenrelief, Mahabalipuram
  • #196649974
    Vishnu Idol in Wooden carving
  • #197101940
    Diwali diyas or clay lamps on dark background
  • #118913647
    Hindu God Krishna
  • #195714661
    Holy Spring Water Tirta Empul Hindu Temple in Bali, Indonesia
  • #195607127
    Indra Hindu God Statue. Indra is a Vedic Deity in Hinduism, a Guardian Deity in Buddhism, and the King of the Highest Heaven Called Saudharmakalpa in Jainism. Religious Hinduism Symbols Concept.
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    Holi colors powder pink purple green
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    Wall art of Indian Hindu Goddess Shakti and god Shiva in Jagannath temple
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    Traditional Indian praying rituals.
  • #176832726
    Abhyanga Snan on first day of Diwali - special herbal bath with ubtan or Utne, a mix herbal powder to have bath and scrub on the occasion of Diwali, selective focus
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    Great puja in the city of Varanasi, November 2015. India, the Ganges River embankment
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    holi festival food with colours, indian festival holi, samosa, kachori, laddu, gujiya, palash flower, thandai, farsan, chana masala, puran poli or roti, indian festival of colours called holi
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    Meditation with rudraksha mala or rosary beads
  • #142599830
    Colorful illustration of Hindu goddess Durga on the wall in Pushkar, India
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    Hindu ritual with cooking and prayer reading
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    Girl with holi paints
  • #127996298
    Brahmin make puja ceremony in Kathmandu, Nepal
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    stone statue of Ganesha with yellow flowers and green blurry nat
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    Indian Traditional Oil Lamp with Flame
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    Portrait of beautiful indian girl. Young hindu woman model with golden kundan jewelry set . Traditional Indian costume lehenga choli .
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    Diwali festival
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    Small figurines in a Hinduism temple.
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    4 indian friends or 2 young couples celebrating Holi festival with sweets, bhang, pichkari and hands painted with gulal having copy space showing white board, isolated over white background
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    Indian Goddess Durga idol with blessings hand in focus.
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    Brahmin reading hindu mantra in Nepal
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    Girl with holi paints
  • #14860463
    Stone carved erotic sculptures in hindu Khajuraho temple, India
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    Om/Aum symbol. Black and white photo.
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    Diwali oil lamp - Diya lamp lit on colorful rangoli
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    Diwali oil lamp
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    A traditional Hindu temple in Galle road 8000, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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    Hindu God Krishna on blue background
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    Ganesh idol surrounding with oil lamp, festival season
  • #117790731
    An old lady lifts her hands in prayer.
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    Golden Hindu God Ganesh
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    A silhouette of a statue of the Hindu god Shiva on the banks of the Ganges at Rishikesh in North India.
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    Aarthi being passed on in an Indian Hindu Wedding
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    Ganesha, Gott des Erfolges, Hinduismus
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    cow is a sacred animal in the background Kusum Sarovar Govardhan Mandir
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    Om symbol clouds shaped on sky.
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    Indian monk , Hindu sadhu , Rajasthan , India
  • #192782642
    The Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. Thao Maha Phrom Shrine is a Hindu shrine in Bangkok
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    detail of Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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    Beautiful young caucasian woman in traditional indian clothing with bridal makeup and jewelry. Bollywood dancer in Sari and henna on hands meditating at temple garden.
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    Hindu God Ganesha. Ganesha Idol.