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    Homemade breaded viennese schnitzel with potato salad and asparagus on a plate
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    Family apres ski lunch in mountains. Skiing fun.
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    Fried dumplings stuffed with cabbage and meat sprinkled with bacon greaves and chopped parsley on a white plate on a wooden rustic table.
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    Cepelinai zeppelins or didzkukuliai is a traditional Lithuanian dish of stuffed potato dumplings close-up. Horizontal top view
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    Cold borsch, summer beet soup with fresh cucumber, radish and boiled egg in white bowl. Traditional European food, delicious lunch
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    Delicious traditional german cuisine
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    Homemade Dumplings
  • #203831136
    Potato dumplings with meat.
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    Original Wiener Schnitzel mit Petersielienkartoffel
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    Irish stew made with beef, potatoes, carrots and herbs
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    Traditional British roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner
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    Romantic dinner at a restaurant. Appetizing dishes with meat and lettuce leaves and glasses with wine
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    Kebab / Kebab mit Bauernsalat und Fadenbrot
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    Russian dumplings with fried onion on plate, homemade cooking concept
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    Coffee cup and beans
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    Greek food set
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    omelet with bacon
  • #204853709
    Dumplings in the pot
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    Danish smorrebrod traditional open sandwich at Copenhagen food market store. Selection of fish sandwiches on display with seafood and meat, smoked salmon.
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    Traditional jambalaya.
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    tapenade sur fond noir 4
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    Smażone pierogi na drewnie
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    Health food for a healthy heart with fresh salmon fish, seasoning, vegetables, fruit and olive oil on an olive wood board on slate background. High in omega 3.
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    fondue bourguignonne et caquelon 7
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    Cutlet de volaille with fries
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    Frankfurter grüne Soße mit halben Eiern und Pellkartoffeln
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    Russian dumplings with fried onion on plate, homemade cooking concept
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    dinner in the restaurant
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    Hollandaise sauce, a basic sauce of the French cuisine, ingredients (egg, butter, lemon) in the back, photographed with natural light (Selective Focus in middle of the image)
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    Assorted spanish food set. Tapas, Paella, grilled seafood, olives, seafood soup, strawberry lemonade, grilled scallop on wooden table
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    Mehrere Eisbecher
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    Coffee cup and coffee beans on old wooden background
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    zart bittere Schokolade
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    Red apple with leaf and slice.
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    Souris d’agneau confite et Pommes de terre 4
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    Tropical fruits fall deeply under water with a big splash
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    Pieces of quiche lorraine with bacon and cheese
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    Paper cup of coffee and coffee beans on old wooden background
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    Colorful Seafood Paella Dish with Shellfish
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    chocolate bars isolated on white background
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    Cabbage stew with meat, mushrooms and dried plums - traditional polish dish
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    Christmas dinner. Falling golden snowflakes. Cheers Top of view of a nicely served wooden table Christmas dinner with tasty dishes and snacks, friends are toasting with glasses of red and white wine
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    Slow Cooker Pot Roast Sauerbraten with spicy sauce, potato dumplings and red cabbage close-up. horizontal
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    Pretzels on wooden table
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    delicious Wiener Hunter schnitzel with sauce and french fries close-up. horizontal top view
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    Fried foie gras with figs
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    Black iron asian tea set
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    Wiener Schnitzel, vienna Schnitzel,
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    Breaded Chicken Kiev breast stuffed with butter, garlic and herbs served with vegetables in a plate.